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How to add a new page

Note: You must be signed in and have administrative rights to perform this action.

First, navigate to the page that should "house" the new page.  For example, if you want to add a subpage under Education, go to the Education page.

Click the New Page icon (paper with a + symbol) in the upper right of the administrative toolbar.  Name your page, and change your selection for "Put Page Under" to your current parent page.  Click the red Create button at the top, and the new page will be created.  You may optionally add content at this point using the directions on How to change page content.

If you want the page to show up in the Navigation sidebar, you must manually add it there as well.  To this, you must go to the sidebar/layout editing menu.  There is an "OLD WAY" and a "NEW WAY" to do this...


OLD WAY:  This method will be going away as an option soon.

Go to the More menu button in the upper right hand corner of any page.  Select "Manage Site" from the dropdown.  Then, on the left hand side, click on "Site Layout."

Under the sidebar heading, find the navigation box which you wish to edit.  The order is:

1. Welcome Visitors (Text)
2.  Navigation (Navigation)
3.  Impacting God's World (Navigation)
4.  Prayer Request (Text)
5.  How to Reach Us (Navigation)
6.  Resource (Navigation)
For the menu you'd like to edit, click the Edit button.  Or, to add a new sidebar item, click the "Add a sidebar item" button (usually you want to edit an existing item though).


NEW WAY: this is the new Google recommended method.

On any page, Go to the More menu button in the upper right hand corner.  Select "Edit Site Layout" from the dropdown (it has a red "New!" by it).

Now you'll notice, when you hover over the sidebar elements such as First Time Visitors, there will be little editor buttons that pop up that say things like "Textbox" or "Navigation."  When you click on the word Textbox or Navigation, it will bring up a popup window for editing that sidebar element.

You can also add a completely new sidebar element (box with blue heading) by clicking the "+" button at the very top of the sidebar.  The "x" buttons will remove elements from the sidebar -- don't do this unless you're sure!


Now, scroll through to find the heading under which you would like to add the new link.  Don't worry too much about this step, you can make adjustments later if you don't select the right thing.  Now, click the Add Page text in the lower left.  Select the My Recent Changes tab to easily find your new page.  Click to select your new page, and click OK to close.

At this point, your new page should show up in the list.  You can change the location of the link and what it is housed under by using the arrow buttons to the right.

Please add pages judiciously, and ask the rest of the web committee if you are unsure on where to put a new page.  It is very easy to clutter a website by adding pages unnecessarily.