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How to change page content

NOTE: You must have administrative access to change SUMC page content.  This requires a account on Google sites.

First, navigate to the page you would like to edit.  Click the Edit page icon (a pencil) in the upper right of the website in the administrative header.  Now the page is editable.

There are several things you may do:

Adding Text
To add text, just click and type.  You can change the font size and style (bold, etc.) in the upper administrative area.  Please stick with "Trebuchet" font for consistency, and do not use underlining except for links.  All text, with the exception of links, should be black.  Links are red.  Text background should remain white.  These guidelines will help create a more professional look for our site.  Everything is according to the template defaults, so you need to actively change something to deviate from these guidelines.

Note when copying text from another website, you may want to open Notepad, paste the text there first, re-copy, and then paste into this site.  This will ensure that all formatting from the old site is removed and defaults for this site are applied as desired.

Changing the layout
Go to the Layout tab in the administrative header, and select which layout you'd like for the page.

Adding images
Go to the Insert tab in the administrative header, and select Image.  Then follow the prompts on the screen.  Note that you must download any images to be added to this site on your local hard drive first; you may not directly copy or link the image from the old/current SUMC site.

Adding Links
First, highlight whatever text and images you want to link from.  Go to the insert tab in the administrative header, and select Link.  Either select a page from this site from the listing, or type in a custom URL to link to that page.  Note PLEASE use the page listing for all internal pages.  Only use Custom URL's for pages outside of the SUMC site.

Adding other content
You can add tables, documents, charts, and other gadgets using the Insert tab.

Adding linked files
Go to the bottom of the page and click the Add files icon.  Follow the directions and the file will be listed at the bottom of the page for users to download.