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Volunteers for Page Ports

Several people can help port the old site to this new one.  This spreadsheet will help keep track of who's doing what and make sure that all pages are accounted for.  The listing matches the order of the pages on the left side navigation of this site.  

Every page on this site currently contains a link and/or description of where the content for that page should come from, so this should be an easy task for most pages!  Some pages unfortunately need written content yet -- if you have expertise in one of those pages, please feel free to sign up for it and generate the text as well.

You can edit this spreadsheet here to sign up to port/write a particular page.  To make multiple edits to the spreadsheet with an easier interface, open this spreadsheet in Google Documents.

Once you sign up for a page you are committing to porting the information requested from the old site in a timely manner.  Please don't commit unless you know you'll have time, because then someone else won't sign up.  If you commit but realize this isn't the task for you, you can always remove yourself from this spreadsheet too.  

Please read the information at How to change page content for guidelines and directions before you get going making changes.

Once you have ported/copied any information over, mark it as done!  Any updates to the document will automatically be reflected here.

Thank you everyone for your help!