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Betrayed with a Kiss
Mark 14:43-46
In the garden, Judas “kisses off” Jesus. Why a handing over and betrayal with a kiss? Couldn’t he have pointed or punched? Doesn’t real duplicity always come in relationships which matter? Isn’t loyalty a prerequisite to real disloyalty? I wonder how we sell Christ out today. Betray his love. How can we show signs of devotion in one arena of our life and unfaithfulness in another? How does Christ seem to manage this kind of falseness? Maybe today we will find ways to speak with congruence and live with our inside devotion matching our outer words and actions.


Rev. Dave Scavuzzo
Calling all runners and walkers! Starting this Saturday, March 18, we will begin another 12-week session. Here's a chance to get a jump into Spring. Check here for more information.
Historic Houses of Worship Tour
Wednesday, April 12
Includes Church of the Saviour UMC, Fairmount Presbyterian, St. Paul Episcopal, Pilgrim Congregational
Lunch at Sokolowski's University Inn.
Total price: $65 per person
Forms in the church office.
Want to make chili and/or a dessert?
Otherwise, just come and enjoy.
Tickets available Sunday morning between services.
Sign up today. Help is needed to do some home rehab June 29-July 1, an neighborhood clean up on June 9 or 10.  If you'd like more information, contact us.  Summer seems far off, but we need to build a team now!
SUMC Is exploring to determine if we can support our own Relay for Life team.
Are you interested in organizing a team for the church?
Contact Rebecca (
Relay for Life of Strongsville
June 3-4, 1 pm - 6 am
We're building a team of people passionate to help others develop a healthier lifestyle. Join this team that will lead a new program called The Daniel PLan.  Contact Becky
Why are these cups empty?
Because you haven't filled them with soup!
Come fill up at Lent Soup Lunches.
Wednesdays through April 5.

Doors open at 11:30 am.