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Blue Bus - Showing God's Love

The Blue Bus - Showing God's Love Ministries

 “Sharing God’s Word, Showing God’s Love,

and Serving in God’s World”


You’re invited! - Get Involved with the Blue Bus

There are lots of ways to get involved with this ministry.  If you'd like to help in any way, please contact the church office.  We'll help you get connected!


Donations of clothing, canned goods, paper products, and toiletries are always welcome. Place donations in one of the bins in the atrium marked “Showing God’s Love” outside the church office.

 About The Blue Bus

Showing God’s Love Ministry (also known as “The Blue Bus”) shares God’s love with those in need, delivering food and donations of other items (clothing, blankets, toiletries, toys, etc.) to less fortunate communities on the near west side of Cleveland.

Volunteers from many Christian denominations serve God in this effort, with members from ten churches having served on the bus. The bus is well known and recognized in the communities it serves and its volunteers often get to know and make friends with people along the route. 

The Blue Bus is multi-denominational with Catholics, Evangelicals, Lutherans, Methodists, Pentecostals, Southern Baptists and other Christian denominations participating from different churches across the area.  The Blue Bus is an excellent platform for people to hear the Word of God and learn about Jesus Christ, in some cases for the very first time.

The Blue Bus is also a platform for prayer, where people receive prayer for both spiritual and physical needs like healing, finding a job, financial help, comfort, and love.  Prayer is an important aspect of this ministry and distinguishes Showing God’s Love Ministries from other secular social services. 

An estimated 9,000 meals get served from the Blue Bus each year.

The Blue Bus ministry is the Lord’s work, bringing food, clothing, and the Word of God to people in need across Northeast Ohio.

Join us for a ride on the Blue Bus, helping to change lives for eternity.

Volunteering – Join Us for a Ride

Volunteers perform many different activities in support of the Blue Bus, and we invite you to help out with any of them:

·         Collect donated clothing and other items from people across the area

·         Buy food for cooking and preparation

·         Gather donated food from nearby local restaurants and bring it back to the church’s freezer and refrigerators

·         Cook and prepare the food at the church

·         Prepare plates and drinks on the bus

·         Step off the bus to serve plates of food and distributes clothing, toiletries, blankets, toys, and many other donated items to               people who live along the route

·         Clean-up and do dishes at the church

·         Drive the bus

·         Coordinate volunteers

·         Perform various administrative duties



The Blue Bus was started in 1998 by Gwen Scott who named the ministry “Lift Jesus Up Ministries.” Gwen's home church is North Presbyterian at E. 40th St and Superior Ave in Cleveland. She felt called to go out to the people to feed and bring them the Word of God. She went to other churches and asked for help in spreading the ministry.   Soon there were a half dozen churches involved and about 75 people volunteering to go out four nights a week. 

 After some time, she decided to scale down the ministry for a variety of reasons.  This led Gwen to give us the bus, but kept the “Lift Jesus Up Ministries” name as she still has a neighborhood program.

 Previously the ministry got food from The Cleveland Food Bank and as such, could not have anything on the side of the bus of a religious nature. We put a plaque on the side of the bus with the church mission statement so the people we serve know the source of the food and clothing.

 We also made arrangements with Food Donation Connection of Knoxville, Tennessee to get food from Red Lobster, Panera Bread, Pizza Hut and Bob Evans. This eased the financial burden for the church and enabled us to feed more people. The ministry continues to grow and we look to add another night or day to serve more people.  



The majority of the funding for Showing God’s Love Ministries comes from donations of pocket change generously given by the congregation each month during communion.

 A&H Trucking Company in Cleveland performs all the necessary maintenance.