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Stephen Ministries

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Need the help of a Stephen Minister? 

How Does Stephen Ministry Enrich a Congregation?

The entire congregation benefits from the Stephen Ministry from the pastors to each member of our congregation.
  • Members and non-members of our congregation receive confidential care as long as needed giving them hope and support through a crisis.
  • Our pastors receive support from the Stephen Ministers, allowing them more time to accomplish their pastoral duties.
  • The lay members use their spiritual gifts to aid others in need, receiving much joy in their care giving.
  • Each member of our congregation sees our church as a caring, giving church that reaches out to those in need.

What Is A Stephen Minister?

A Stephen Minister is a lay person who has completed 50  hours of intensive training and participates in continuing education and regular supervision to be a care giver with Christ’s love to those in need. 

They are here in our congregation to provide spiritual and emotional support to those in need.

The Stephen Ministers do not replace our pastors' care, but increase it.

Each of us will go through a crisis at some time in our lives. Families and friends often step in to assist initially. At times, that is not enough. Stephen Ministers are available also in a caring relationship to pray, listen, visit, and encourage each individual with the love of Christ.

   Who Can Benefit From A Stephen Minister?
  Anyone who needs care, who is overwhelmed by:
  •     Loss of employment
  •     Divorce or separation
  •     Bereavement
  •     Extended hospitalization of self or family member
  •     Caring for aging parents or spouse
  •     Empty nest- children no longer home
  •     Recovering from an illness or surgery
  •     Stress of being a single parent
  •     Being a new parent
  •     A victim of a disaster
  •     Relocating
  •     Caring for a loved one who is critically ill or dying
  •     Being lonely
  •     Loss of faith
  •     A family member serving in the military
  •     Struggling with health issues of yourself or a  family member
  •     And many other situations

Stephen Ministry is here to care for you. You do not need to be alone when a crisis occurs.

For further information- Contact Pastor Christopher or call the church office at 440-238-6135, if you are in need of a Stephen Minister or desire to become a Stephen Minister.