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Weddings at SUMC

God established the institution of marriage as a means of establishing a life-long relationship between a man and a woman. The Bible uses marriage as a metaphor to the relationship between Christ and His church. Before we can understand the love required in a marriage relationship, we must begin to understand God's love for us. We believe marriage vows are a solemn and binding promise to each other before God and should not be entered into lightly or uninformed. 

We are honored to offer hospitality and a beginning for people looking to be married who are not a part of SUMC or even any church. The following considerations might help you decide if this is the setting for you. Our desire is to help lay a foundation for a healthy marriage by: 

1. We are encouraging couples to regularly attend worship prior to the wedding or immediately from our point of contact until the wedding date. A relationship with God through Jesus Christ is an integral part of a healthy marriage. Friends and mentors in a community of Christian love provide a basis for support when life “happens”. 

2. We would want you to make a commitment to make it the highest priority to attend four premarital classes. These classes are designed to provide tools for maximizing the joy in your marriage, connect in a group environment and equip you for its challenges. The next few months will be filled with joy, stress, decisions, and surprises. It is a window into your life together. Our hope is to walk with couples in this season of life with as much spiritual and emotional foundations as possible. Because we want your marriage to be life-long and God-honoring we are excited to share some basics to loving relationships. The classes are relational, group discovery, honoring of personal opinions, fun, interactive, informative, and required.

3. After the classes, each couple would meet individually with the presiding pastor to personalize the service and become better acquainted. 

We sincerely hope you will choose to explore a relationship with our church before and after your wedding. 
We are not about renting a facility; we are about building loving relationships. 

Music Questions? 
Our church pianist/keyboardist plays for the service. Music suitable for a service of Christian worship is recommended. The pianist/keyboardist will be happy to talk with the couple about their wedding music preferences. It is your responsibility to contact him and make an appointment with him. 

Does the church have an aisle runner? 
No, if the couple wishes to have a white aisle cloth or runner, this will need to be arranged through the florist. The church does not own an aisle runner. If one is use, it needs to be provided. An aisle runner must be used if live petals being dropped on the floor of the worship area (for instance, by a flower girl) because of staining to the carpet. The length of the sanctuary 

Can I attach at the end of the chair rows? 
In decorating the church, no tacks or nails should be used. Masking tape and ribbon may be used. Ribbons may be pinned on chairs. 

Can I have rice or birdseed? 
The throwing of birdseed as the couple leaves the church is permissible. We ask, though, that the packets be distributed and opened outside and that nothing is thrown inside the building. Please do not use rice or confetti. Real rose petals may be used outside only. No biodegradable confetti .

What about alcoholic beverages? 
The use of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited on church property. There is no smoking permitted in the church building. 

What are the fees? 

 Worship Area 
 (Non-members) $200.00 
 (Members) No Charge 

 Pianist/keyboardist $150.00 

 Sound Tech $50.00 

Custodian (for wedding) $85.00 

Once the availability is confirmed on the calendars of both the pastor and the church, a $50 refundable deposit must be made to reserve a date on the church calendar for your wedding. All fees must be paid by rehearsal time. Please make individual checks out to each individual participating in the service.