Freezer Meals Ministry

How's it work?  Essentially, a small group gets together and signs up for a meal swap in a given month.  Then, each participant goes home and prepares "the number of participants + 1 or 2 meals" that can easily be frozen (for example, soups, casseroles, etc.)  The group meets up, everyone takes home one of each meal type for their own families, and the rest go towards outreach and missions at the church.

Who's Invited?  Anyone who signs up for a given session is welcome.  While this ministry is coordinated from the Moms Connection small group, anyone can participate.  Moms, dads, grandparents, couples, singles, teens... as long as you enjoying cooking, you can join in!  

There are TWO different groups available for sign-up: Meal for Family of 4-5, and Meal for 2.  Check out our recipe blog for meal ideas!

If you want to participate in an upcoming swap or are in need of meal assistance, please contact the church office or Katie Renfro, Freezer Meal Ministry Coordinator for the Moms Connection.  

Be sure to look at the link to a pdf at the bottom of the page for a handout.  This provides guidelines of what foods do and don't freeze well and meal sizing. This handout is presented at the info meeting.  Should you have questions, we invite you to attend the meeting!
Rebecca Wade,
Mar 20, 2015, 11:22 AM