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Make a Difference (MAD) Requirements

People choose to make a difference. –Maya Angelou
Guidelines for MAD Ministry

Make A Difference (MAD) projects help students learn to put their faith into action through the third and fourth components of our confirmation journey:  developing habits of serving God and God’s world.  (For some scriptural insight, start with Matthew 25:31-46 and James 2:14-26.)  There are two categories of MAD projects:  service to church and service to world.  Service to church is important because it builds up Christ’s body here on earth.  Service to world is important because the good news of Jesus Christ needs to be shared with God’s people outside the church as well.  Both are ways of serving Christ.

Students are required to earn two MAD points/month.  Since we have a 19 month journey, we will expect 38 points from each confirmand.  You must earn at least one point per year in the church category and the world category.  The remaining 34 are your choice.  Upon completion of a MAD point, fill out the MAD Worksheet which can be obtained from the supply outside the associate pastor's door, on this site, or via email.  A parent signature is required for it to be valid.  Return completed sheets to the bottom mailbox slot by the associate pastor's door.

Service to Church Projects
  • Help at a church function/dinner:  for example, Advent Family Gathering, UMW Spaghetti Dinner, Chicken & Biscuit Dinner, The Tomb.
  • Serve as an Usher – contact Kathy Miller (, 440-846-9056)
  • Serve as an Acolyte – contact  Pam Waltenbaugh (, 440-572-1203)
  • Serve as a Greeter - Contact the church office at or 440-238-6135
  • Music Ministry – Choir, band, or to provide other music for worship service.  Contact the church office at or 440-238-6135
  • Help with Sunday School/Nursery – contact the church office at or 440-238-6135
  • Greet for Sunday School – contact the church office at or 440-238-6135
  • Help with setting up chairs – Contact Dan LaRocco (440-572-3723).
  • Sound ministry –learn how to run the sound system for church events – Contact Carl Fernstrum (440-238-6135 or
  • 11:05 audio/video ministry – help the 11:05 team find appropriate visuals, movie clips, etc. related to the weekly message - Contact Carl Fernstrum (440-238-6135 or
  • 11:05 “roadie”- help reset the worship center between 9:25 and 11:05 services.  Requires parental supervision. - Contact Carl Fernstrum (440-238-6135 or
  • Help assemble mailings – contact church office (440-238-6135 or
  • Help with Vacation Bible School – contact the church office at or 440-238-6135
Service to World Projects
  • Work at or collect food for a food bank
  • Visit shut-ins or do a special project for a nursing home – contact the church office.
  • Monthly card ministry to shut-ins – contact the church office.
  • Mow the lawn for an elderly neighbor
  • Rake leaves for older neighbors or perhaps a shut-in from the church
  • Pick up litter on a specific street (need parental supervision)
  • Volunteer at a hospital or nursing home
  • Sponsor a missionary or support a child in another country
  • Walk someone’s dog for free
  • Babysit for free
  • Help someone clean up their yard and prepare for changing seasons
  • Relay for Life or other fundraiser for recognized charity
  • Community/park clean up
Overlap Projects
  • Serve food with Lift Jesus Up Ministry (the food bus)– Requires parental involvement.  Contact Del & Jeannette Painting, at 216-406-1821.
  • Help with Angel Tree fundraisers, packing, delivering – Contact Dave Thomas ( or 440-572-3501)
  • Collect Campbell Labels for the UM Women
  • Youth Mission Trip – contact Matt Whisenhunt (440-238-6135 or or Debbie Smith (
  • Collect for UNICEF – available from the SUMC Education Dept. at Halloween
Other guidelines
  • The above lists are starting places, not all-inclusive of possibilities.
  • Projects on the list done at your own home (raking, mowing, etc.) do not count.  You benefit from them.  Chores are part of being a family.
  • Projects for which you get paid do not count—again, you benefit directly.
  • Projects for other groups of which you are a part may count.  For example, if your Boy Scout troop does Adopt-a-Highway, that counts because it is service to the world.  If you help at a Boy Scout bake sale, that does NOT count because it is of direct benefit to you as part of the troop.
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Aug 17, 2012, 11:07 AM