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MISSION STATEMENT: The goal of the confirmation journey at Strongsville UMC is to build a foundation for a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ.  There are four essential components:  learning and growing in Christian community, regularly participating in worship, developing Christian spiritual habits, and serving God and God’s world.

ATTENDANCE: (Christian community component) You are required to attend all classes and special events.  The dates for special events are written into the class schedule.  Circumstances such as winter weather may cause schedule changes.  If you need to miss a class or special event, please let Felicia or Matt know at 440-238-6135 or e-mail or

MAKE-UP WORK: It is your responsibility to make up the missed class within 14 days. (This will not apply if the class is cancelled.)  You need to see your teacher to find out what your make up work will include.

SUPPLIES: You are required to bring to ALL classes and special events your Bible, folder, and pens/pencils.  Occasionally other items may be requested.  Please speak to Felicia if you need a scholarship for anything involving money.

WORSHIP ATTENDANCE: (community, habit & worship components) You are expected to attend a worship service twice a month and turn in a Worship Worksheet.  Any of our three Sunday morning services are fine:  8:15 am, 9:25 am, or 11:05 am, as well as Youth Worship every other Sunday evening.  You may also attend Taizé or services from other churches.  The Worship Worksheet has specific questions about the service.  Worship Worksheets may be found outside the associate pastor's office door and are also available by email.  We only count the Worship Worksheets that are handed in, either during class or in the mailbox slot outside the associate pastor's office door.  Since the confirmation program is 19 months long, we expect to receive 38 completed Worship Worksheets from you.

PALM SUNDAY: (service & worship components)  The first year confirmation class will arrange palms on the Saturday following the Easter Egg hunt (the day before Palm Sunday).  The second year class will pass the palms out on Palm Sunday.  More information will be provided for both of these days.

MAKING A DIFFERENCE MINISTRY: (habit & service components) You will be expected to participate in at least one ministry here at Strongsville United Methodist Church, and ministry to the world beyond the church walls.  Points are earned based on the length of time spent helping the ministry. You are expected to earn two MAD points per month.  (Again, for 19 months, we expect 38 MAD points.)  Please fill out a M.A.D. (Make a Difference) Sheet each time you participate in your chosen ministry, and place it in the box outside the associate pastor's office door.  Many opportunities will come your way via email.

RETREATS & SPECIAL EVENTS: As much notice as possible will be provided regarding retreats and special events.  They are also mandatory unless otherwise noted.  Please make every effort to treat them as such.  Permission & Consent for Medical Treatment or Permission & Declination for Medical Treatment are required.

CONFIRMATION SUNDAY: You will be introduced to the congregation at the end of each scheduled worship service.  Confirmands will officially join at the 11:05 worship service on that Sunday morning.  There will be a breakfast for Confirmation students, parents, and siblings Sunday morning at 8:30 am on Sunday of Confirmation.  More details will be given as the dates draw near.

You are always welcome to contact the church office regarding questions, concerns, or comments:  440-238-6135 or  We look forward to sharing this Christian journey with you.
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