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SUMC Children’s and Youth Breakthrough Prayer Initiative for Lent

During Lent this year, SUMC will be holding a breakthrough prayer initiative focused on the children’s and youth programs.  Each day, we will be praying for God to break through into our lives, into the lives of the children and youth at SUMC and in our communities, and into our church to provide divine guidance and direction for our children and youth ministries.  There will be guided daily prayers and a variety of prayer-filled activities we will engage in throughout Lent.  Just imagine the amazing ways God will be at work in our church when we are all focused in prayer together!  Expect the unexpected, expect to encounter God, expect SUMC to be transformed by God breaking through in unique ways, and expect that God will reveal new and different ways to share Christ with children, youth, and their families!

We also conducted a prayer survey prior to embarking on the breakthrough prayer initiative, and there will be a follow up after we complete the initiative. The survey was designed to assess the congregation’s attitudes and practices towards prayer. Aaron Spence, a seminarian and lay leader at SUMC, held the survey as part of his seminary field education experience. The survey will be helpful for Aaron’s work in seminary, and it may be helpful for you to see how your prayer life changes during the prayer initiative. Please feel free to reach out to Aaron with any questions about the survey or the prayer initiative at

Thank you!

Below is a calendar outlining what to expect on given days during Lent.  We look forward to your participation in the breakthrough prayer initiative!




Complete initial prayer survey


Breakthrough prayer initiative kickoff at each service

Receive morning / night prayer cards

Prayer walkthrough of children’s / youth spaces

(@4:00 p.m. at SUMC)


Receive specific children / youth’s names to pray for


Prayer gathering at each service

Receive prayer bookmarks for specific prayer topics each day


Write card to children / youth you are praying for


Return card for children / youth to Leanne / Morgan


Daily prayer challenge @1:35 every day


Maundy Thursday meal and celebration

All Lent

Pray for the children / youth at SUMC and in our community

Pray the morning / night prayer

Share where / how you encountered God


Complete follow-up prayer survey