Disciple Fast Track
Devote 12 weeks each to the Old and New Testaments. A great option for busy people seeking to engage with the entire Bible.
Meets Wednesday, 7:00 pm.  Childcare available.
Covenant Study
Emphasizes the concept of covenant as a unifying pattern throughout the  Bible. Examines how covenant community is created, and how we are to live it out.
Meets Tuesday, 7:00 pm.

Study of Psalms

Explore the Psalms and surprise yourself in learning ‘go-to’ passages for your walk with God.
Meets Wednesday, 10 am.
Tuesday Morning Devotional
Intended for early risers, this group encourages daily devotional activities.
Meets Tuesday, 6:30 am, at Goldie’s (13359 Pearl Rd, Strongsville).
Adult Sunday School
This ongoing group delves into books of the Bible, one chapter at a time.
Meets Sundays, 10:45 am.
Family Fellowship
Includes Bible study, discussion, and of course, food!  Children and adults of all ages are welcome.
Meets offsite monthly on Friday, 7:00 pm.
Contact the church office (440.238.6135,
to find out more or sign up.