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Circle of Concern

We invite you to check back to see our current listing of those hospitalized, recently at home, at other places of residence, or serving in the military.

In the Hospital

At Home
Jessica Kossin, Jan Langstone, John Gardocki, Maggie Ballas, Michelle Hartman, Mark Nelson, Beverly Esch, Faye Habart, Matt Wilkison, Connie Butcher, Nancy Lai, Myrna George, Pam Aleandri, Janel Gelo, Bob Tomek, Mary Ann Edwards, Ron Irons, Diana Jones, Eileen Bambam, Ethel Evans, Tom Verbsky, Jerry Lawrence, Katie Prinkey, Dorothy Stoner 

Tommy Handloser (Ginny Rios' grandson); Shane Osborne (Phil Weisbrod's nephew); Michael Joy (Sandy Moir's son); Sheri Little (Diana Lindsay's daughter); George Lawson (Keith Lawson's father); Adam Puinno (Judy Puinno's grandson); Ethel Dean (Sandy Dublo's mother-in-law); Arthur Kraatz (Gerry & Marlene Kraatz's son); Jeannette & Megan Silk (Carolyn Blaha's sister and niece); Gabriel Wojnowski (grandson of Gary & Sandie Wojnowski); Paul Smith (Scott Smith's father); Joan Sinko (Shelley Puntel & Arnie Sinko's mother); Gretchen Wade (Eric Wade's mother); Kenny Willis (Sylvia Gerkin's brother); George Skapes (Shirley Skapes' son); Dolores Colapietro (Carolyn Hennon's mother); Katie Nebenzahl (Nancy Nebenzahl's daughter); Carol Jones (friend of Mike & Karen Cannon)

Other Places of Residence
Barbara Lee, Altenheim; David Griswold at Joshua Tree (North Olmsted); Margery School, Mary Waite & Doris Fiesler at Parkside Villa in Middleburg Hts.; Darleen Price, Kemper-Strongsville; Ken Brooks at Western Reserve Masonic Community in Medina 

Those in Uniform
Zak Boggs, Joe Snyder, Greg Heiser, Adam Nebenzahl, Phillip Giampapa, Chad & Nicole Droney, Brendon Horn, Bryan Rocks, Cary Cohen, Tim LaBahn, Jay Rueschhoff, Brandon Vanderwyst, Evan Peck, Ryan & Noah Polcar, Jerry Pickryl, Bob Waltz, Adam Gajewski, Patrick Helderman, Rebecca Helderman, Jeremy Knowles, Andrew Dyer, Richie Ward and all our troops