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What We Believe

Welcome to Strongsville United Methodist Church, where at the core of our value is the love of Jesus Christ.

We express our reason for being here as being…  committed to building the body of Christ by Sharing God’s Word, Showing God’s Love, and Serving God’s World.

We are a diverse body of believers united in the beliefs and core values we share.

  • Acceptance –  we recognize God’s love has no boundaries
  • Hospitality – we welcome all to share God’s love through help, hope, and healing
  • Community – we claim a sacred place where Christ’s love unites all to support and care for others while nurturing  a personal relationship with God
  • Biblically Rooted – we encourage spiritually alive faithful study of the Bible using tools of devotion and scholarship which are appropriate to a diverse body of people
  • Discipleship – we believe we are called to be living representatives of Jesus Christ and bring others to know God’s mercy, justice, grace, and love
  • Service – we respond to Christ’s love and God’s call by sharing our time, talents, tithes, spiritual gifts, and resources

We live out our mission and values as a congregation of people who:

  • Invite people to experience the love of God and become disciples of Christ
  • Equip disciples to be agents of God’s reconciling love in the world
  • Care for one another in Christian community
  • Send disciples as servants of Christ to participate in God’s transformation of the world

This is a dynamic and growing congregation and we welcome your participation.  While our website contains basic information about the church, one has to personally experience the passion of Strongsville United Methodist Church to truly understand how we can impact lives.


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